Ikhaya Loxolo is a residential home and organic farm for children and youth with special needs in rural Eastern Cape. All people involved in Ikhaya Loxolo – with and without special needs – live, learn and work together to create and maintain a home and to live sustainably off the land.
Ikhaya Loxolo was founded in 2005 by a German couple, Alexandra and Michael Guenther, with the support of traditional leaders of the local village Hobeni.
Hobeni is as remote as it can get in the Eastern Cape, located about 10km inland from the Cwebe Nature Reserve on the Wild Coast and about 130km south of Mthatha. The nearest town, Elliotdale, is about 60km away.
Ikhaya Loxolo is a registered NPO, registration number: 032-852-NPO


Mission Statement

The aim of Ikhaya Loxolo is to create a home and provide a sustainable and meaningful learning environment for children and youth with special needs.
We focus on socialisation in the known cultural environment from which education and training lead towards a dignified life within the community and family context.
We provide employment and training for locals (especially women) in care-giving and farming.
We strive towards self-sufficiency as well as living a fulfilled life to the maximum of everyone’s ability.
We aim to produce and provide products and services of quality that have a healing, non-invasive impact on the community we are part of.