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Ikhaya Loxolo - what's that?

Ikhaya Loxolo means, translated from the Xhosa language, home of peace; it is a community and farm for people with special needs, where all people - with and without special needs - live and work together. Two German educators, Alexandra and Michael Guenther, together with four likeminded South Africans, decided in 2004 to establish this home in a very rural and remote village in the Eastern Cape region (former Transkei) of South Africa. This area still remains underprivileged and much undeveloped, with hardly any care facilities for the disabled. Ikhaya Loxolo is a registered non-profit organisation, Registration number: 032-852-NPO

Latest News:

Imana Wild Ride

334 days ago

Female entrepreneur of the year awards:

Imana Wildriders and the Haven Hotel have invited Ikhaya Loxolo this year to present our project and work. Alex projected photographs onto the wall, described Ikhaya Loxolo and later answered questions from the 120 cyclers together with Michael.

The next morning Ikhaya Loxolo’s choir sang to say ‘good bye’ to the wildriders who went on their way to Coffee Bay. The wildrider group of the first evening spontanously passed around a hat to collect money for Ikhaya Loxolo, they were so impressed with the work of this ‘home of peace’. They were so kind as to ask us to come and present again the next evening to the other 120 bicycle riders, which we gladly did.
After we were given the honour of a standing ovation, a hat was passed around again- and both amounts put together the sum was immense! We humbly and heartily thank them as well as the management of the Haven Hotel who enabled us to present our project to these altogether 240 Imana wildriders.

Female entrepreneur of the year awards:

Through several visits to both of Ikhaya Loxolo’s Farms, the Department of Agriculture chose us to compete for the Mbashe municipality in the category ‘female entrepreneur of the year 2015’. As our gardens are all run and worked at by young ladies, we did fit this category out of 6 categories altogether – we were so happy to have been chosen to compete against all other Eastern Cape Districts.

At the competition on the 23rd of June 2015 in King William’s Town, Pothelwa and the Department of Agriculture Elliotdale arrived together after a 6 hour drive – to find we have won the second prize! We are more than happy now, we are proud!

2nd Prize in the category ‘female entrepreneur of the year 2015’

One of our gardens